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The Post-Apocalyptic World of Google+

July 10, 2012

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Sometimes it takes fresh eyes to pin point our exact feelings towards something. So when I was clumsily trying to introduce the complexities and potential of Google+ as a Social Media platform to a new colleague, his response was a bit of a ‘eureka’ moment for me: While this is no way does Google+ any justice […]

Trust, Twitter and Louise Mensch

June 25, 2012


It’s often said that people’s problems with Social Media are actually problems with people. So when Louise Mensch launched last week and cited her “frustrations” with Twitter it’s curious to find out exactly what she’s got up her sleeve. The Tory MP for Corby called for Social Networks such as Twitter and Facebook to […]

Westwood will be ‘Aiight – The Internet is an Archive

June 14, 2012

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The sheer mention of Tim Westwood stirs a reaction in most social settings equivalent of a bad smell entering a room. People explode with psychopathic fury at a broadcaster on a level which is unrivalled throughout the media of the last 20 years. The same facts lie at the cause of people’s problem with Westwood […]

From Pins to Purchases: How I Actually Used Pinterest

June 7, 2012


A nice combination of a bank holiday and my pay-day and I find myself completing the four-day weekend with a new pair of white trainer-pumps and some light blue Levis Jeans for summer. What ended with me entering my pin using my index finger actually began with my index finger poised above the left mouse […]

2017: Facebook’s Future Demise

May 24, 2012

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Why are we questioning the future of Facebook now? Mark Zuckerberg has seemingly wore a hoody since 2003 – why is that now an issue? Facebook has had lawsuits taken against it before, why are we plotting on its demise now? Why are we now doubtful of the potential financial growth of Facebook?

Heineken vs Pabst

January 10, 2012

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There’s a lot of things to consider here –  budget, copyright issues, brand association, advertising standards  (especially for alcohol products) But if you don’t care about any of those things, and you just want a beer – and you watch both of these ‘adverts’ – which one do you want to buy?

Why #reasonstobeatyourgirlfriend Proves Twitter’s Capacity for Good

July 31, 2011

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Over the weekend I spotted something trending on Twitter which hit that magical balance between being trendy and being worthwhile. Either on purpose or by accident the hashtag #reasonstobeatyourgirlfriend might well do more for the issue of domestic abuse than any print or TV ad campaign. (So as not to get side tracked I’ll try […]