The Beastie Boys: Hot Sauce Committee Pt2 (Album Review)

Posted on May 17, 2011

Beastie Boys Album Review Adam Hutcheson

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The Hot Sauce Committee Pt 2 at first listen sounds roughly how the world might feel to three aging MC’s in 2011. Chaotic, confusing and continuously contradictory. Like trying to catch robot butterflies with a 1900’s net made of grey hair. Staying true to yourself amongst the quicksand of trends and technology must be a momentous task for the Beastie Boys.

However day-one fans will be familiar with the Beasties love for experimentation; the psychedelic instrumentals on Ill Communication, the hardcore NY punk roots, and the spirituality in their more recent raps have paved way for us to accept pretty much anything these guys choose to do.

The intro of “Make Some Noise” serves as an ‘awakening’, kicking straight into a heavy beat and a funky riff backing some trademark Beasties’ rhyme routines. From then the live drums never seem to slow down, the first half of the entire album sounds like a live show, a feeling thickened by the effects on their mics. Reminiscent of their infamous ‘3 MC’s and 1 DJ video (filmed and performed in one take) the Beastie Boys elevate the energy levels of complex, considered studio sounds with their raw and rough rhymes.

In contrast to this ‘live feel’ we begin to hear the full benefit of their stringent studio discipline. It sounds likeThe Hot Sauce Committee Pt 2 has taken years to finalize; every sound is tweaked and touched up to the point of obsession; giving a rich and rewarding overall sound to every track. It never gets plain or empty. Lyrically The Beastie Boys aren’t really saying anything new and at times sounding like their using a sample of our memories of their iconic 20 odd years of rhymes. The effect is nostalgic and fresh at the same time.

The Hot Sauce Committee Pt 2 proves that the original spirit of rebellion and recklessness that earned The Beastie Boys ‘architect’ status in Hip-Hop, can not only open financial doors but creative doors too. By staying true to themselves, any detour or development they make only adds to the colour palate of the genre.

For listeners new to The Beastie Boys, expect a wealth of layered and borrowed genres and sounds, tied together by the mic chords of 3 surprisingly skilled spitters. The Beastie Boys aren’t only the Leaders of the Old School; they’re still putting their own brand of ‘Hot Sauce’ on any other 2011 release.