Bloggers Guilt and After Hours Addiction

Posted on May 1, 2011

Interviewer: “What would your friends say about you?”

Me: “…That I spend too much time on Facebook”

POW! Take that one to the bank! I’m delighted that this, in some small way, may have resulted in me landing my first job in Social Media. However after a weekend of drinking in the sun, using computer screen as mere reflective surfaces for checking my neckline tan, and trying to explain my new job to very casually interested relatives, I began to get the bloggers guilt. Like a musician on tour; I felt the urge to get my head down and get back in the studio. I hadn’t posted for over a week.

I was worried that this might spell the slow decline of my personal SM activity like it did with my love for pizza when I was a Pizzaiolo, and my love of brew making whan I was a Barista. Partly to gratify myself instantly (ease the shakes with this post) and partly out of sincere interest I asked some of my pals who work with SM if they ever had similar concerns:

Do you find that using Social Media at work makes you less inclined to use it outside of work?

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It seems that I may not have much to worry about after all. A resounding response of “No way! We love Social Media and spend all our time on it” seemed at times like almost an exemplary professional response, not that I’m calling my friends liars, more like they are demonstrating the way we must be fully conscious when using social media. It is, after all, an extension of our existing social skills so it was great to see how personal some of the responses are. Which goes to prove that (like someone who talks all day and doesn’t stop talking after work) social media is a passion for these people. I’m confident that I feel the same way; and although I agree about using SM in different ways; after work hours I don’t think I’ll long keep my little fingertips away from using the Social Media and Social networks they seem to be willing to sacrifice my long term eyesight for. I’m here to stay.