Sam Champ Remixes EP (Review)

Posted on January 21, 2011

Sam Champ is a Brooklyn based DJ/Producer with the ability to touch existing records with a fantastically, and no doubt considered, deft tweak and send the sounds spinning in a whole other direction.

His latest EP of Sam Champ Remixes is currently shaving the stubbly roughness of most music blogs. With vocals from artists such as Amerie, Erykah Badu and D’Angelo, it doesn’t sound entirely 2011. But his knack for song selection (seemingly honed as a DJ) is what initially makes the tracks stand out. He then manages to bring a fresh sense of inspiration to what are already a set of renowned vocal recordings. Hell, he even takes time-out to elevate a young Usher ballad to a point higher than the dead-eyed, Will.I.Am puppet we dismiss him as today. With more than a nod to the neo-soul, a subtle hint of 9th Wonder – particularly with the soft, futuristic basslines – Sam Champ Remixes interrupts all other music like a rainbow interrupts all other weather.

Taken from Bonafide Magazine

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