Detroit Social Club : Satisfied With Their Place in the World

Posted on September 22, 2010

Matching the melodrama of Sky Sports (and its news) seems like a task beyond music as we know it, and whilst I realise ‘Northern Man’ probably wasn’t written and produced with Jeff Stelling and co. in mind, the strings in the intro do stab somewhere close to channel 517. Possibly this contributed to the decision for it to be debuted there, I’d like to think so.

The track is relaxing despite its early drama. David’s vocal line pleasantly soothes any harsh sounds, not too unlike Bono before all that ego. The most noticeable feature of this song to me was the tempo. It saunters along uncommonly, it sinks into Sunday’s armchairs, feeling satisfied with its place in the world. Like many Northern Men I know, its simplicity is only part of its charm.

Unlike most ‘Social Club’ bands there’s a lack of exclusivity, and the simple instrumental arrangement makes for accessible and anthemic listening. Possibly bringing a more genuine meaning to the band’s name; listeners feel like they are acknowledged here. It can’t help but feel good.

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