Last Night’s TV was OK

Posted on September 6, 2010

Startlingly intimate from the off, Last Nights TV’s ‘Way Around’ is just about charming enough to be mentioned should  a ‘water cooler moment’ ever cross the Atlantic. It has a delicate and vulnerable sound brought about by close vocals and childlike xylophones. The lyrics sit well in such fragile surroundings, (where often it seems almost anything can sound crass or inappropriate) drifting and overlapping midway for a really warming overall piece.

However for me it still lacks some of the smoke and mirrors, or hazy atmosphere of more expensively produced intimate scenes, at best it plays like an ITV drama love scene; a little too familiar,  a little too simple and all over a little too quickly. Maybe live these features serve to enhance the experience like I imagine an actual love scene with an ITV actress might be. (rather than watching one)

That said; the content has potential, and with increased success and production quality built on this, they clearly have the capability to make some intimacy that’s awkward to watch with your parents, but great for a night in alone.

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