Sufjan Stevens Delights More People

Posted on August 31, 2010

Well rested after basking in easy going, summer-strolls of songs, it’s time for us to get into shape! The winter will be cold and testing, we need to seriously readdress our musical taste as much as we do our physical fitness.

We start to go jogging; Sufjan Stevens strides a single minded, almost lonely vocal line, cutting through a vast musical scenery. Not so much obstacles, the ‘delighted people’ in accompaniment provide a fluid, blurry setting for our 11 minute trek. Like houses, parks, trees and traffic being unwillingly sucked into the past, Sufjan takes godly control over where these sounds are going, lifting us on adrenaline highs; we find we are joined on our journey like Forrest Gump’s faithful followers as the lyrics are echoed by a chorus of background vocals. The run stretches us, all whilst filling us with an intense panic that the longer this perfection goes on, the greater the risk that something could go wrong; a musical trip, stumble or even fall.

It’s exhausting, we arrive home safely and thoroughly satisfied. We feel alive again for a few days, but when will we really be bothered to go again?

Next time we may choose the Classic Rock version of ‘All Delighted People,’ and take in the same journey from the relative comfort and safety of the passenger seat of Sufjan’s classic American car.

Taken from Leeds Music Scene

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