Bombay Bicycle Club: Love Story Soundtack

Posted on August 22, 2010

The irresistible Bombay Bicycle Club return with another love story soundtrack single, to give romantics everywhere hope in their quest for young love- and all the fashionable grievances that go with it.

The familiar, ghostly vocals echo like the sound of about four of a poor girl’s loved and lost ex’s- by which I mean it strikes a sense of history and comfort that can’t, quite yet, be replicated. The guitar flutters through the uncertainty of future romantic encounters, while the steady snare gives some friendly stability and determination through a track that, like the quest, gets more and more satisfying as it goes on.

It’s ultimately a track that will possibly never age, lose relevance or fail to strike a soothing chord; and while not a lot happens, it swells and gushes with the kind of heartfelt emotion that can catch many a stern, cold critic off guard for a few minutes.

Taken from Leeds Music Scene

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