Orphan Boy Inspires Sympathy

Posted on August 11, 2010

Bombarded with bands that are cooler than both me and Mike Posner, it’s refreshing to come across one I feel a subtle sense of sympathy for. Maybe it’s just the name, but the tone for this single drags from me a kind of ‘northern underdog’ affinity with the band with lyrics like “like four sheet-metal workers’ sons”.

It’s not as directly ‘grim up north’ as dare I say, early Arctic Monkeys, instead it gives me a familiar feeling of casual frustration with greater powers (London). The seaside organ sound flowing through well crafted, contemporary anecdotal lyrics ensures this anthem for selling an anthem sticks in your mind like memories of Blackpool from your childhood.

Thematically a song about departure from their norm, it’s quite fitting that this song is a departure from the rest of their own album, Passion, Pain and Loyalty; a more atmospheric and slow tempered piece of work that disappoints and pleases with equal strength.

However I’m fully supportive of a single with a deeper level; and a more self-aware subject matter than most. It’s not Inception, but it’s similarities to the gritty British films it borrows imagery from will stand it in good stead.

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