Tiny Giants need Goal Line Technology

Posted on July 26, 2010

Recovering well from a borderline cliché title, the Tiny Giants strut through a kind of ‘Jack Black’ rock anthem, their image as live performers stabs into my mind. It’s punchy without ever really hitting, it strokes through a well structured single. At times the drummer’s cymbals distract from the excellent lyrics but I really get a feel for the group’s attitude as soon as half way through. They break down and drop with a skill that makes me want to see them in front of me. “When there’s drama in my life / I like the suspense” reflects this.

Going forward, I’d like to hear some more layers to the sound; some electronics; some Kasabian background noise, some technology. At the moment it seems slightly Lo-Fi, but without the warm, John Cusack, vinyl factor. Basically I just want some musical equivalent of ‘goal line technology’ to make me feel like it’s new, and not stuck in a past genre.

Arguably, this might be what sets them apart from other comparable ‘genre mixing’ acts – but I feel with some work, it could really propel some quality, provocative and relatable song-writing.

Taken from Leeds Music Scene

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