The Drums Need To Spend Less Time Surfing

Posted on July 26, 2010

My peers have been talking about The Drums so maybe the novelty of this single has so far worked for them.

As a terrace-town northern lad, a song about surfing could seem like just a bit of a stretch in terms of heartfelt subject matter. As soon as I got over that, I’m initially impressed with the technical skill of the Beach Boys/Brian Wilson sound they have produced, but it drags on.

Lovely hooks and a possibly ‘too cool’ new sound for this month could be the curse of this single: I can hear it in thirty-second clips on TV or soaking the latest trends on Topman radio, but I can’t hear it on Wilkinson’s radio in five years time like I can many of my favourite songs. I can’t hear it on radio at all in fact after this year’s record snowfall comes in November (probably) and washes away all our summer memories. Ironically for a song with surfing in the title; for me it fails to make waves.

Maybe the point is it has worked for them: they’ve caught all our attention with some fresh, novel, fast-burning indie- but now it’s time to put those skills to the test; the test of credibility, the test of creative vision, and most importantly;  test of time. I’d hoped for something a little more, a little deeper.

Taken from Leeds Music Scene

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