Ali Love: Classier Than Straightforward Dance Music

Posted on July 26, 2010

There’s something intriguing and alluring about Ali Love. Like the first time being lead into a trendy gay nightclub as a young, heterosexual man. His latest single makes for a similar welcoming and mysterious atmosphere. The vocals tell a tale of fun, in a voice that powerfully convinces us that fun is the only worthwhile pursuit, at least tonight it is.

The punchy snare drags daring, hip-thrusting dance moves from within us, and the smoky electronics helps to somewhat disguise however uncomfortable or uncertain we might be feeling. The composition feels classier than straightforward dance music, the 80’s bass line eradicates all notion of time and allows unity of people to its groove. It implores me to, knowingly, talk about “unity of people under a groove.”

By the end we’re blending right in with Ali Love‘s world, and with sexuality stereotypes aside, we’re glad he has struck disco-pop rainbow-gold, once more; after all the secret Sunday fun we had to ‘Secret Sunday Lovers’ and we’re glad to come back next week with several remixes notably by Villa and Bottin.

Taken from Leeds Music Scene

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